Maia Eyes Adored You! 

We’ve created a Halloween-themed treat made out of Maia Yogurt. These look-alike eyeballs are perfect for pre-Trick-Or-Treat snacking.


-Vanilla Maia Yogurt

-edible food paint OR chocolate chips OR sugar eyeballs: We used sugar dots but you can use anything to make the yogurt look like eyes; some suggestions here and here.


-plastic bag

-pan or tray


Step One:

Scoop the Vanilla Maia Yogurt into the plastic bag.


Step Two:

Cut off a small corner of the bag so the yogurt can squeeze through.


Step Three:

Squeeze small dollops of the yogurt onto a pan coated with wax paper. You can stick chocolate chips or sugar dots into the yogurt at this stage or you can draw on the yogurt when it’s frozen.



Step Four:

Stick the pan in the fridge until the yogurt drops freeze.


Step Five:

Draw black dots on the drops so they look like eyeballs.


Step Six:

Enjoy your scarily good, spookily healthy treat!