Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find Maia?

You can find us in store near you by visiting our store locator. If you can’t find Maia near you, please request it with your local dairy manager form here or, tell us where you wish to find maia info@maiayogurt.com

Where is Maia produced?

Maia Yogurt is soruced, made and, cupped in the heart of dairy country, Pensylvania. Here we can ensure the highest degree of quality control so that, every cup of Maia is as delicious as the next.

What are probiotics?

We’re happy you asked, considering our yogurt has over 25+ Billon CFU strands of live active probiotic bacteria per cup. Probiotics are sometimes known as “feel good” bacteria and provide multiple health benefits when eaten. They help regulate the digestion system, maintain body weight, and can provide intestinal relief. Probiotics also help your immune system, so that you and your family feel their very best.

Why are there little specs in my Vanilla Bean?

Those little black specks are real vanilla beans! We don’t use any artificial flavoring, sweetener (or anything for that matter), just the real deal. You can taste the difference!

Are there live culture in Maia Yogurt?

Yes! Maia contains over 40+ billion live active probiotics. Unlike similar yogurt brands, we keep our yogurt at the ideal temperautre then, add probiotics to ensure we preserve the integrity of our grass-fed cows milk. 

Have a question? Email us at info@maiayogurt.com