Doing Better for Our World and Our Neighbors


We are deeply grateful to the cows who bring the best milk into the production of Maia. We work with family farms because their cows are treated humanely and are 100% grass-fed.

Concerned about the health of every living creature, Maia takes every opportunity to do right by our environment. We work with family farms that utilize Regenerative Agricultural Practices. Our cups have 22% less plastic than other yogurt brands. We believe that the planet deserves our respect and care. Grassfed cows milk provides the most healthy fats too!

Our Cows

Our production starts with our beloved cows. They are from the heart of North Eastern dairy country and are only pasture-raised and Non-GMO. An excellent natural source of protein. Milk plays a crucial role in building and keeping stronger, denser, and healthier bones and teeth. Calcium helps women to reduce the risk of osteoporosis and is necessary to develop bones in a growing fetus. That is why Maia is committed to use the best quality milk to produce the most nutritious yogurt.