At Maia, we take pride in crafting the creamiest yogurt possible. We value your feedback and would love to hear from you about your experience with our product. Help us perfect our recipe by sharing your thoughts today! 

Finally got to try Maia- delicious! So creamy, with perfectly balanced sweetness, and not too tangy. But I seriously can’t get over the level of creaminess!!

Mary Kathleen

Medford, MA

Your yogurts are delicious! My husband and I used it for yogurt, oatmeal, and smoothie bowl and we finished them so fast! 


Marta Szajek

Columbus, IN

I found it at Roche Brothers Supermarket in Marshfield, MA. I have been eating low sugar from the other brand but had to add nuts and fruit to make it taste good! Yours is perfect all by itself, especially the vanilla!

Heather Guerriero

Marshfield, MA


I’m in love with Maia yogurt because the focus is on supporting wellness as a whole. The inclusion of quality probiotics, prebiotic fiber, protein, and low sugar, I feel it’s one of the best yogurts out there


New York

I like your yogurt very much because of the texture, of course never to be stirred just scooped out in its rich thickness its mild yet sweet flavors. Love the vanilla with the specks of true vanilla bean I would like to see you launch a luscious lemon my favorite but I would be willing to try key lime, yum wish I had one right now.


Arkansan, TX

I love your yogurt most specifically the blueberry and raspberry lime flavors. I like the consistency of it and the fact that it is low in sugar and high in protein.


Norwalk, CT