Made with Dairy from 100% Grass-fed Cows

Our slowed down, minimally processed technique, uses

less sugar to produce a creamier texture.

What’s Inside

Added Cane Sugar

Billion Probiotics



Milk Fat










Strawberry (5.3oz)

Vanilla Bean (5.3oz)

Blueberry (5.3oz)










Cherry Pomegranate (5.3oz)

Peach (5.3oz)

Plain (5.3oz)







Vanilla Bean (32oz)

Plain (32oz)

Less added Cane Sugar

Each batch of Maia yogurt is slowed down using our minimally processed technique. This allows us to add less cane sugar and, helps produce a creamier, less tart Greek style yogurt. Reducing your sugar intake helps maintain a healthy diet and ward off serious illnesseses.

Made with Real Fruit

We only use natural ingredients. This allows us to create authentic real fruit flavors. Consuming all natural ingredients is a great way to maintain a clean digestive system as well as improve your overall heart health. Not to mention real fruit taste better too!

Essential Probiotics

Maia yogurt contains billions of immune boosting probiotics. These probiotics help you to maintain a strong heart and, improves your overall gut health. It has been shown that improving your gut health will not only help to ward off disease but, can also directly impact your mental health through nerve endings connecting directly to the brain.