100% Grass - Fed Yogurt

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A Less Sweet Yogurt

(because we use less sugar)

Maia is lightly sweetened with 2-4 grams of cane sugar per cup. Every batch of Maia takes longer to make, but by slowing down the process, we create a yogurt that needs far less sugar to be delicious.

Doing Better for Our World & Our Neighbors

We are deeply grateful to the cows who bring the best milk into the production of Maia. We work with family farms because their cows are treated humanely and are 100% grass-fed.

Concerned about the health of every living creature, Maia takes every opportunity to do right by our environment. We work with farmers that utilize Regenerative Agricultural practices. Also, our cups have 22% less plastic than other yogurt brands. We believe that the planet deserves our respect and care. Grassfed cows milk provides the most healthy fats too!

Our Mission

“With our simple, delicious less-sweet yogurt we strive to do the absolute best for the health and well-being of our community and our environment”

Our Values


Every ingredient in our yogurt is traced back to its origin. We value the importance of an honest and transparent product. We do our best to ensure the very best for the families that love Maia as much as we do.

A Minimally Processed Masterpiece


Our delicious less-sweet, non-fat yogurt. It is packed with 40+ Billion CFU strands of live active probiotic bacteria, prebiotic fiber, and protein: all the other goodies you need to empower your health & wellness.

100% Grass Fed Cows Milk

Our production starts with our beloved cows. They are from the heart of North Eastern dairy country and are only pasture-raised and Non-GMO. An excellent natural source of protein. Milk plays a crucial role in building and keeping stronger, denser, and healthier bones and teeth

Real Fruit

Real fruit simply tastes better. We use real fruit. 

10x Probiotics

Each Maia cup is packed with at least 40+ billion beneficial probiotics, more than the usual yogurt. These are housed in the perfect mini-ecosystem. With 3-4 grams of probiotic dietary fiber per cup, Maia helps fill us up by normalizing our appetites.

Lots of Protein

16 grams of protein per cup powers you through the day. Made up of individual amino acids that are used to build digestive enzymes, hormones, and muscle tissue, Maia’s protein helps you stay full and fit.


Thank you for your reply I like your yogurt very much because of the texture, of course never to be stirred just scooped out in its rich thickness its mild yet sweet flavors. Love the vanilla with the specks of true vanilla bean I would like to see you launch a luscious lemon my favorite but I would be willing to try key lime, yum wish I had one right now.


Hi! I love your company and all of the wonderful products that you put out. I love that I can trust this brand 100% for quality. I was wondering if you could send out some coupons, samples, or swag (stickers, pens, shirt etc.) as I would love to do a review of your products! Thank you so much in advance. 


I’m in love with Maia yogurt because the focus is on supporting wellness as a whole. The inclusion of quality probiotics, prebiotic fiber, protein, and low sugar, I feel it’s one of the best yogurts out there.


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