Our Story

Maia founder, Hamilton Colwell, understood the value of simplicity when creating the best quality yogurt by keeping the recipe honest and simple.

We make Maia taste homemade. Hamilton first created Maia in his small apartment kitchen in Uptown Manhattan, simply utilizing a double boiler, a heating pad, a beach towel, and basic utensils. Maia’s rustic beginnings impressed even the harshest critics, determining the worth of its uniqueness.

Hamilton’s goal was to work with local family-owned farms and make a positive impact on the consumer’s health. He, therefore, perfected his recipe when teaming up with the Registered Dietician Mary Jane Detroyer, MS RD CDN, and dairy experts from Cornell’s School of Agriculture and Life Science.

In 2010, Maia launched locally to Hamilton’s native Connecticut and New York City stores as the only Less-Sweet yogurt with natural cane sugar, superior probiotic levels, and nutrients necessary for better family nourishing.

The crucial ingredient for great yogurt is great milk. We use 100% grass-fed milk from family-owned and humane treatment farms. We keep our production simple when choosing the best quality ingredients: Non-GMO and organic milk, natural probiotics, real fruit, and a touch of cane sugar, making Maia Naturally Less Sweet.

Hence, our name. According to Greek mythology, Maia is the Goddess of growth and rebirth, and the Grandmother of Magic. We believe that the Goddess Maia helped us magically blend local milk and fruit into our unique yogurt, to feed families in the best quality possible.