Photo courtesy of @WonderSauce 


You’ve opened your cool and creamy Maia cup, enjoyed every protein-packed bite, and licked your cup clean. Now what? Part of our Maia mission is to care for our environment just as much as we care about our own nutrition. In the spirit of recycling and doing good, here are five ways to reuse your empty Maia cups:

  1. Measure for Measure– Maia cups are conveniently 6 ounces or 3/4 cup, a perfect measuring size measuring cup for many recipes (including some of our own!).
  2. Scoop, There It Is- Keep your hands clean when you scoop out rice, oatmeal, and other dry foods by using Maia cup scoopers.
  3. Plant Stop, Won’t Stop– In the spirit of going green, use your Maia cups as mini planters. Poke holes in the bottom of the cup for drainage and fill with soil and and seeds of your choice. A perfect activity for kids after they’ve eaten their nutritious yogurt!
  4. Ice, Ice, Baby– Looks like this summer heat will be here for a while longer. Fill your empty Maia cup with your favorite fruit juice, cover with foil, poke a hole, and insert a popsicle stick. Put in the freezer and you have yourself and environmentally friendly popsicle!
  5. Don’t Block It Till You’ve Tried It– Toddlers love stacking up blocks and knocking them down over and over again. Once you’ve cleaned your empty Maia cup, they make colorful stackable toys, perfect for young kids! Good for the environment? Check. Good for your wallet? Check again.