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Maia Moms and Fans mean the world to us, but we also care deeply about our animals and the planet we inhabit. That’s why we choose to produce our yogurt from farms who love their cows as much as we do, who are treated humanely and 100% grass-fed. Maia also takes every opportunity to do right by the environment. We realize how an abundance of plastic can negatively affect our planet and will continue to be transparent about the imprint Maia leaves. Our cups now have 22% less plastic than competing brands because we want only the best for our fans and their families.

Social Responsibility

Moms are strong. Moms are resilient. Moms are the inspiration behind every cup of Maia Yogurt and the love and care that goes into crafting each one. That’s why it’s truly an honor, as well as our social responsibility, to support causes and programs focused on such inspirational Moms. We call them #MaiaMoms. As a token of our appreciation, Maia Yogurt donates 10% of all profits to initiatives focused on enhancing the lives of moms throughout the United States. We are happy to support and sponsor any event that benefits such noble causes.

If you would like to team up, please send us a brief description.