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Our Nutrition

Maia is more than just delicious Less-Sweet Non-Fat & Low-Fat yogurt. It is packed with 25+ Billon CFU strands of live active probiotic bacteria, Prebiotic Fiber, Protein, and all the other goodies you need to empower health & wellness.

Maia’s  grass-fed milk comes from local dairy farmers (never giving their cows hormones) so every cup is fresher and friendlier to the environment.  Maia is Gluten-Free too!

You’ll Love Our Less-Sweet Yogurt!

Maia Yogurt 11g Protein Maia Yogurt 2-4g Cane Sugar Maia Yogurt 3g Prebiotic FiberMaia Yogurt GMO FreeMaia Yogurt Gluten FreeMaia Yogurt Kosher OU Maia Yogurt 25Billion-ProbioticsMaia Yogurt Made with Real FruitMaia Yogurt Grass Fed rBST Free Milk