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Our Story

“An expert is a man who has made all the mistakes which can be made, in a narrow field”

-Niels Bohr

Our founder, Hamilton Colwell, is a yogurt expert. After years of reformulation through trial and error he realized that the best yogurt came from the combination of quality ingredients and keeping it simple.

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

-Leonardo Da Vinci

A great yogurt starts with great milk. We use 100% grass fed milk from family operated farms. It would be a disservice to our premium milk to overly process, so we keep it simple. Plunge your spoon into nothing but milk, probiotics, real fruit, and just a touch of cane sugar.  Maia is Naturally Less Sweet.

Maia is the Greek Goddess of Growth, also the Grandmother of Magic. Goddess Maia may have something to do with the magical blend of local grass fed milk and real fruit in our delicious yogurt.

First crafted in an uptown Manhattan lab, Hamilton’s kitchen, Maia’s early trial runs didn’t include anything hi-tech — simply a double boiler, a heating pad, a beach towel and some kitchen gear.

While the process might sound a bit out of the ordinary, especially with two bachelor roommates, the results impressed even the harshest critics.

With a delicious taste, Colwell engaged Registered Dietician Mary Jane Detroyer, MS RD CDN, and dairy experts from Cornell’s School of Agriculture and Life Science. He was serious about making a difference, and enhancing customer’s lives. Together, with the guidance of leading dairy experts, they perfected the formula.

In 2010, Maia was unveiled locally to Hamilton’s native Connecticut and New York City stores as the only Less-Sweet yogurt with natural cane sugar, superior probiotic levels, prebiotic fiber and nutrients recommended for moms and their families.

Today, Moms across the country are feeding their families our less sweet greek yogurt!