Maia Team

Meet The Team Behind it All!

Hamilton Colwell

Hamilton Colwell


School: Colgate University

Favorite Flavor of Maia: Every Flavor of Maia

“I want to have an impact on changing the world and Maia is my contribution to making the world a healthier and better place.”

Lydia Chase

Lydia Chase

School: Connecticut College 

Favorite Flavor of Maia: Cherry Pomegranate 

As an Environmental Studies major and (self-proclaimed) yogurt fanatic, I take my probiotics very seriously. That said, I think that the Maia company has created something really special–a delicious and sustainable grass-fed cow’s milk yogurt that you can feel good about eating AND buying. I’ve tried a lot of yogurts in my lifetime, but I’m confident I won’t be looking any further than Maia… And that says a lot.”

Michael Truschelli

Michael Truschelli

School: Western Connecticut State University 

Favorite Flavor of Maia: Blueberry


“Have you ever seen a happy cow?
Experienced a sensation of taste?
Impacted the sustainability of our planet?
Maia’s focus on regenerative agriculture along with their sustainability initiatives drew me in. To sum up Maia you may think, “better tasting, better for you, better planet.” 

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