Maia Yogurt Awarded Most Innovative Emerging Company of 2019 at Marcum Food & Beverage Summit

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (July 18, 2019) – Maia Yogurt was awarded the Most Innovative Emerging Company of 2019 at the Marcum Food & Beverage Summit, on June 5, 2019, which brings together top food and beverage executives committed to innovation and excellence in the food industry.

Alongside 40 brands with nearly 200 people jammed into the Summit, Maia’s less-sweet yogurt took home top prize and title of Most Innovative Emerging Brand of the Year. Maia was able to demonstrate real innovation and show that Maia is original, inventive, and truly centered around consumers’ dietary needs.

According to Maia founder Hamilton Colwell, there was great enthusiasm and appreciation from new fans who spoke about not being able to find a better yogurt that’s low sugar, delicious and easy to stomach. “This is amazing,” said a won over Maia fan.

The Marcum Food and Beverage Summit event titled “When Innovation, Regulation, and Disruption Collide” was organized by Louis Biscotti, head of Marcum and centered around growing disruption in the food and beverage industry.

Maia Yogurt knows how important it is to think outside-of-the-box and be ingenious for success, in a highly competitive food and beverage landscape.

About Maia Yogurt
First crafted in an uptown Manhattan lab, Hamilton’s kitchen, Maia’s early trial runs didn’t include anything hi-tech — simply a double boiler, a heating pad, a beach towel, and some kitchen gear. While the process might sound a bit out of the ordinary, especially with two bachelor roommates, the results impressed even the harshest critics. He was serious about making a difference and enhancing customer’s lives. Together, with the guidance of leading dairy experts, they perfected the formula. In 2010, Maia was unveiled locally to Hamilton’s native Connecticut and New York City stores as the only Less-Sweet yogurt with natural cane sugar, superior probiotic levels, prebiotic fiber and nutrients recommended for moms and their families. Today, Moms across the country are feeding their families our less-sweet yogurt!

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