Kaile Stewart: Marathon Runner & Maia Brand Ambassador

By Elissa Sanci

 kaile 3

#teammaia Brand Ambassadors work hard to get the word out about Maia, so we wanted to get the word out about them, too!  We’re highlighting some of our best Ambassadors as a small token of our appreciation for their hard work spreading the Maia love. 

Kaile Stewart has been part of #teammaia since October and has the good fortunate of being one of our brand ambassadors in sunny south Florida!

Kaile has lived everywhere; she’s originally from Canada, but grew up on a small island in the Caribbean, St. Kitts, where her family moved when she was five years old to be closer to her grandparents. She lived in New Zealand for a few years, and now resides in Miami, Fla. where she goes Miami Dade College and is studying to be an elementary school teacher.

Kaile is a health and fitness fanatic who developed her love of running after watching her mom finish the Disney half marathon when she was 14. “My mom ran her first half marathon through Disney World and I came up to support her at the finish line. It was such an amazing experience that I decided I had to start doing them too.”

After she began to take running more seriously, Kaile also changed her diet and now, she’s a vegetarian. “When I saw Maia yogurt was made with grass fed cows and natural cane sugar, I knew I had to try,” she said. “Since then I’ve become hooked.”

Kaile is training to run a full marathon in February 2015 and likes eating a cup of Maia after her runs. “I always try to have it after a run since it’s such a great source of protein! My fridge is always very stocked.”

Maia’s mix of carbs and protein makes it the ideal snack for runners. Before a run, it helps keep endurance up, making sure runners like Kaile don’t crash mid-workout. Post-workout, the carbs and protein aid muscle recovery and the potassium in yogurt helps replace electrolytes that were lost during the run.

Kaile started as an ambassador in October 2014 and loves being apart of #teammaia. “My favorite thing about the job is helping customers make healthy decisions by introducing Maia into their lives!”

She looks at being a Maia Brand Ambassador as a learning opportunity as well. “Customers always offer me some tips about how they enjoy yogurt, like what to top it with and to add it to ice cream to make it a bit healthier and a little less guilty!”

You can follow Kaile on her marathon journey on Instagram at @kaile_runs. We’ll be cheering her on as she crosses the finish line, and you should too!