By Kendall French-Kazencharlie brown

Some tips from Kendall, Maia’s fall intern, to help get you through the Holiday season:

DON’T: Stress

You’re probably thinking, “Yeah right, how do I keep stress at bay when I have millions of gifts to buy and entire birds to roast?” Holiday shopping, cooking and family get-togethers may get your heart palpitating so just remember to think positively. It’s important to focus on the loving gestures behind holiday traditions that, on the surface, may seem irksome. We buy gifts as a tangible way to express love and gratitude for friends and family. That roasted ham may take hours to perfect but it’s worth it when you see the smiles and full bellies it creates. It may sound cliché, but don’t sweat the small stuff.

DO: Give Yourself “Me Time”

Thanksgiving and Christmas are back-to-back, so you may find yourself seeing those distant cousins more in the span of two months than you have all year. Family time can get hectic around the holidays, so set aside specific times in the week just to yourself. Buy a best-selling book or a theater ticket for one. I schedule solo exercise sessions as a way to cool down and relieve stress.

DON’T: Be a Couch Potato

Contrary to popular belief, your tryptophan-induced sleepiness from Thanksgiving day should not carry over into December. Exercise is an important facet of maintaining your body’s homeostasis. Simple actions, like getting out into the sunlight and walking, can lessen anxiety and improve sleep.

DO: Indulge

It’s okay to have a little dessert on every day of Hanukkah or that special slice of your grandma’s pie on Christmas. The holiday’s come with an inevitable increase in food options so it’s perfectly fine to treat yourself as long as healthiness is your overall goal. Listen to what your body is telling you; this can be as simple as putting down your fork when you feel full. I like to indulge in Maia Yogurt because it’s ridiculously tasty while still being healthy.