4 Ways To Keep Mom ‘APP’y


For #MaiaFamily


#MaiaMoms can do it all, however, we know you’re human just like the rest of us. And sometimes we forget that thing we swore we were going to remember at the grocery store. Cue the Cozi Family Organizer—it’s perfect and allows family members to share lists, calendars, and reminders. You can even add recipes and ingredients to a Recipe Box or Shopping List. #MaiaMomsCare about their family’s diet and now it’s even easier to create grocery lists made up of nutritious essentials. So, don’t forget to add Maia Yogurt! If you come across any delicious and nutritious recipes (available on our blog) you can pop them into Cozi for easy access. And when your spouse tells you to add something to the list, tell them where to stick it! (On Cozi, of course.)


#MaiaMoms have a lot on their plate and the last thing on their mind may be washing dishes or picking up after the kids. Well, now you don’t have to go it alone. Chorma gets family members involved by allowing them to pick and choose which chore challenges to accept and earn points towards rewards. For example, if it’s a hassle to get your little ones to clean their rooms, then maybe try offering an hour of tablet time with a special treat such as fruit pizza! (See our 4th of July post for a fruit pizza recipe) Hopefully, with Chorma you’ll never have to wash dishes again, but let’s never say never.

For #MaiaMoms


Finding time for self-care is like trying to get your kiddos to eat ALL their food—impossible! But it is necessary, especially for moms. Shine is an excellent app for moms to check in with how they’re feeling. The free version of this app sends a daily motivational message. And remember, your mental health is just as important as your physical health. If you nourish your body with natural foods full of nutritious ingredients, then you need to nourish your mind too. Today you download Shine and tomorrow you feel amazing!

For #MaiaBaby

Sleep Pillow

Just because you have a baby now doesn’t mean you have to stop living your life. This app makes it possible for you to go to dinner or a party with a sound asleep baby. Sleep Pillow has some noises that are more intense than most sleep machines, which most babies love. Turn down your baby and turn up your spirits! Enjoy the rest of your meal with peace and quiet. Maybe you’ll even have enough time for dessert, and if that’s the case, check out our delicious recipes—including Maia! Sounds so good you could almost taste it, huh? 😉

These apps may not be life-changing, but they will make your life easier. And what are an extra 10 minutes of relaxation? You can read your favorite magazine, call your parents, or enjoy a snack. If you try out any of these apps please tag us on social, @maiayogurt, we’d love to hear from you!