4 Creative Tips 4 Healthier Kids 

Getting kids to eat healthily is an absolute breeze, right moms? (please note the sarcasm) Ladies, we know you can do a million and one things but getting kids to eat healthily, now that can be a challenge! But we are on a mission to make nutritious foods fun for everyone, especially the little ones. We want #TheBest4MaiaFamily, and yours. So, we’ve come up with 4 ways to turn your child’s attitude from skeptical and unsure to “Gimmie More!”. 

Honey, I shrunk the food!  


No need to be that extreme but every now and then, let your mini-me eat from mini dishes. Don’t you remember thinking everything was so much bigger as a child? And now it’s their turn to feel big. For example, use the smallest appetizer plate for a dinner plate, a custard cup for soup, and a shot glass for milk or juice. Baby forks and spoons are perfect miniature utensils. Not to mention that smaller dish size automatically scales down portion size, meaning kids will actually have room for second helpings. 

It’s peanut butter! It’s jelly! No, it’s a starfish! 

Shapes turn sandwiches from boring slices of bread to anything you can dream up. If it’s Valentine’s Day, then melt their heart (and cheese) with a heart-shaped grilled cheese sandwich.  Let your creative side run wild whether its with a simple or complex design. If it’s your first rodeo, then you may want to stick to basic shapes like triangles or hearts. But if you’re up for a challenge, then try creating Elmo and Bernie from Sesame Street.  


Get your kiddo a chef’s hat and let the good times roll. Try using familiar foods like pizza, pasta, or wraps as a canvas to introduce your children to new, nutritious ingredients. For example, make quick and easy pizzas by spreading tomato sauce, top with shredded cheese and then let your little chefs add their own toppings.  

Museum of Kitchen Creations 

Allow your little artists to find their inner Picasso. Inspire them with a variety of supplies or in this case, ingredients such as fruit and vegetables. They will love whatever they make whether it’s a smiley face or flowers.  


Guess what?

Just like the game Guess Who? Your child will be guessing what is in their mouth. Blindfold your child and feed them nutritious snacks such as fruit and veggies. Have them guess what it is based on smell, taste, and texture.If they get it right, reward them with a second helping. 

Eating should be delicious and nutritious, not difficult. Take these few tricks to the kitchen and whip up something fun. You and your kids will be eating clean and lean in no time. If you join the #MaiaLifestyle and try any of our tips, tag us on social (@maiayogurt)!